Links and Resources

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and counseling resources. I cannot support or endorse all of the information contained in these sites.

Psychiatric and medically related resources:

National Institute of Mental Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness
American Psychiatric Association
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Genomind Saliva Assay

Depression/bipolar disorder:

International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Books on related topics:

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir on Moods and Madness
The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between Craziness and Success in America
Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide
To Walk on Eggshells
Welcome to the Jungle


American Deficit Disorder Association
Children and Adults with ADHD

Autistic spectrum disorders:

Asperger’s Disorder
Autism Speaks

Women’s issues:

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women’s Mental Health

Domestic violence:

No More Tears Project

Substance abuse disorders:

National Institute of Drug Abuse
Al-Anon Family Groups

Note: Not responsible for the content, claims or representations of the listed sites.